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Finally a puzzle game with a high score list

Brain Fitness

How much have you spent on sports, physical training and fitness over the years? How much have you spent on your mental fitness? What if you could get your brain-training from an app for tablets and smartphones? Now you can, by using the MagIQ Square.

Some Important Features

  • The simplicity of the ‎MagIQ ‎Square is deceptive - there are more than 20 trillion starting combinations.
  • MagIQSquare is one of few puzzle ‎games with a‎ high score list.
  • There are seven levels with 100 missions on each level.
  • You can post your ‎achievements to your Facebook wall, if you like.
  • No adverts, no in-app purchases, no funny sounds - just plain ‎brain-training fun.

MagIQ Square costs only USD 2.00 during an introductory period. Get it now!


The MagIQ square is a new number game with ancient roots. It is a type of math puzzle, like sudoku, but different. Solving the MagIQ Square requires both logic and strategic thinking as well as some mental arithmetics. It is possible to compete against oneself, and challenge others, at different levels of difficulty.

The MagIQ Square is available for iOS on App Store and for Android on Google Play and Amazon.

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Scientific Support

A new scientific study supports the notion of brain training through apps: Effect of a Computerized Brain Exercise Program on Cognitive Performance in Older Adults

Published in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Volume 21, Issue 7

High Scores

MagIQ Square is one of few puzzle games that comes with a leaderboard. You can compete with other players by uploading your scores from the app to the high score list. Check out the best results here!

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